Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In the end, Linkin Park rocks Arco crowd

One thing’s for sure: If you didn’t have your cell phone at Linkin Park’s concert at Arco Arena on Monday, you were probably sorely disappointed.

Before the band took the stage, attendees sent text-message confessions to a Verizon code in order to have notes such as “I’m supposed to be taking a midterm right now!” displayed on a giant screen at the concert. The crowd of thousands also kept their phones high in the air at the beginning of the rap rockers’ set to snap shots of band members as they rose out from under a paneled structure, which periodically moved the musicians around the stage throughout the show.

Singer Chester Bennington appeared last during this introduction, basking in the glowing spotlight with his arms and head raised to the ceiling in an exaggerated pose. Giddy screams from the crowd rumbled the venue’s walls. The gesture translated: Your “nu-metal” rock idol has arrived, ladies and gents. [MORE]

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