Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kerrang scans, Mike blog, and mp3's

Mike posted to his blog:
firstly, i just saw the new issue of kerrang here in the UK (with LP on the cover). i don’t often give praise to this type of thing…but for fans of the band looking for a little deeper insight into the story behind our beginnings, i think this article contains some exceptional stories and whatnot. go check it out.

*edit: although, i will say that a lot of the pictures are lame :) but then again, maybe that’s our fault, not the photographers’, ha

the other thing, which has nothing to do with the first thing, is this clip. i saw it and thought is was kinda funny, but i wasn’t going to put it up here…but then other people kept emailing me sending me the link, so i figured that some of you would think it’s as funny as they did.

watch video here

Joe Hahn Fansite posted up the scans from Kerrang! with pictures and an interview. Also, you can download the entire Frankfurt show mp3's there.

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